seamles steel pipe


Continental Steel Co.,Ltd is one of the seamless steel tube production basis with most complete varieties and specifications in China. It had been equipped with 2 hot rolling lines and 2 cold drawn lines with annual production capacity of 200,000 tons. The main products include line pipe,structure pipe,high pressure pipe, low temperature pipe, LP/MP and HP boiler pipe, heat exchangar tube, casing and hydraulic pillar pipe with the range of diameter from 10.3-1219mm and wall thickness from 1.65-60mm. And all the products are qualified to meet different standards such as API, ASTM, JIS, DIN, EN, AS/NZ and etc.



Manufacturing Process Of Seamless steel Pipe

Hot Rolling

During the production of special hot rolled steel profiles by hot rolling the input billet or slab is formed into lengths up to 70m using two using two oppositely rotating cylindrical rolls. The hot rolled steel shapes of this forming technique are used in a multitude of industrial applications.Hot rolled special profiles offer innovative solutions whether it be for automotive, materials handling, railroad or thicker flange and web thickness structural steel shapes use. Finished hot rolled steel shapes are roller straightened and sheared into production lengths or sawn into fixed lengths according to customer wishes.


Cold Drawing      

The process of cold drawing is a procedure by which steel profiles are formed in order to achieve complex cross sections of excellent precision in these cold drawn steel shapes.After careful pre-treatment and de-scaling, the special profile bars are drawn through a forming die. This operation can be repeated up to three or four times. Cold drawing of hot rolled and hot extruded special pre-shape steel profiles tightens the cross-sectional tolerances, thus leading to significant improvement in dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Cold drawn steel special profiles offer the same precision achieved by machining.

Inspection Process

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